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Where to Eat and Drink in Zurich

Zurich is an exotic food palace. With the classic and outlandish cafes and restaurants, you are sure to get a distinctive taste in the drinks and food they offer. The three-course meal routine is observed and they serve a variety of cuisines from all over the world. When you visit this wonderful city in Switzerland, be sure to get something to take care of your hunger or crave for sweet food and drinks of your choice. Typical dishes like Cheese fondue, Raclette, Rösti, Zurcher Geschnetzeltes, Bircherműesli, Zürcher Eintopf, and Bündner are food that should be in your must-try list. Believe me; you won’t want to miss the taste of these traditional dishes. If you are a local, there are those places which are top-ranked and highly recommended for you to go and eat or grab a drink. I have done the hard job for you and compiled a list of the best places to eat and drink in Zurich.

1. Haus Hiltl

This is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Zurich. They mainly offer cuisines from Thailand and India. The taste of the delicious dishes is one in a million. Customers spend around an hour to two in this fabulous restaurant. Some of the dishes they offer include; curries, bread, and fried treats, vegan, crispy tofu salad, Thai Green Curry, buffet not to mention the Calcutta chicken curry. These are just a fraction of dishes Haus Hiltl has to offer for any person and specifically the vegetarians. More to that, Haus Hiltl plays cools music as you eat your meal to ease your mind. They also allow payment through credit cards, offers free Wi-Fi enabling you to surf through the internet as you enjoy your meal.

If you want to quench your thirst, stay put in the restaurant and a drink will be served right at your table. Alcohol, wines, beer, and soft drinks are very available. You can take your breakfast, lunch, and dinner in this restaurant; they have it all readymade for you.

2. Restaurant Kronenhalle

Since 1924 Restaurant Kronenhalle has crafted its name and legacy all those years. This is one of the top reputed restaurants in Zurich. It’s famous worldwide. It is a sophisticated arena where they have so much to offer, no wonder it is the most preferred venue for families, business associates, artists, writers, designers, friends, and architects. This is because the well trained and good mannered waiters and waitresses meet their every need in the way the customers want it. They offer the best cocktails in the town, beer, and alcohol. Soft drinks like chocolate, cocoa, and coffee are not an exemption. Food like Veal escalope, morel mushroom cream, Rösti, Swiss Food, and Modern European food is just a few of what they have to offer. The serving crew is unique in the way they converse with the customers and always have a smile on their face, explains the menu where needed and are quick. However, they don’t offer Wi-Fi or take away.

3. Lindenhofkeller

This is also a unique restaurant. When you visit Zurich, find it in your time to visit this elegant traditional oriented restaurant. With its immense wines list, this restaurant not only provides the best precinct for lovers, but also for families, friends and business partners. There is also a vast number of dishes served in this restaurant that will leave your mouth urging for more. The prices for both food and drinks are not the lowest but taking your time there is worth your every penny. Outstanding food like veal, lobster bisqueliver, and green salad are some of the dishes cooked by the chefs. The employees are discrete and open minded.

The restaurant staff is very helpful with understanding the menu so you don’t have to stay stranded wondering what to order or what not to. They offer free Wi-Fi, allow outside sitting and also accept credit and master cards. Customers who visit this restaurant, both local and international, says that ‘awesome’ is an understatement as when it comes to describing Lindenhofkeller restaurant. They offer lunch, dinner, and late-night meals.

4. Lastanza

Lastanza is an outstanding café located near Zurich’s Paradeplatz. This café is well known for its exquisite and unique cup of coffee(s). The cappuccinos are wow. It is a center for all age groups, tourists, friends, singles, moms and business associates. Freshly baked sfogliatella, warm focaccia, homemade pasta, draft beer, and pizza are just but a few of what this café has in store for you. The café staff is well trained to handle any customers need whatsoever.

This is a perfect place to come with a spouse and enjoy a glass of cocktail; it provides a good environment for a little ‘me’ time as well. They offer free Wi-Fi, indoor and outdoor seating, accepts credit cards and ample parking space. However, this is no good place for kids. They also don’t offer delivery services. You can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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