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Accommodation in Zurich

Planning a trip to Zurich and finalizing your low-cost accommodation options before landing the city to enjoy the beauty of the city to the fullest? No need to get worried about the accommodation costs as the city offers the luxury of staying in exchange for little money! Here’s how.

Located at the northwestern tip of Lake Zürich, Zurich is a global hub of banking and finance with a colorful nightlife, fascinating architecture and culture and a series of magnificent lakes with breathtaking beauty. Interestingly, the city hosts a wide variety of low-prices guesthouses, campsites, youth hostels, and budget hotels that may turn out to be an economical accommodation option for the visitors. The visitors may choose from accommodation service offered by the café-guesthouses residing at the heart of the city’s trendy quarters to the services offered by the campsites at the city’s lakes with breathtaking beauty.

Quite surprisingly, despite being one most attractive and most visited cities of the world, the town hosts its visitors at considerably low accommodation prices. However, the visitors can enjoy their stay in the city to the fullest only if they pre-plan their accommodation in the city. To help these visitors better plan their visit to the town, we offer some of the most feasible, viable and economical accommodation options here.

25hours Hotel Langstrasse

Want to enjoy the lively Langstrasse’s nightlife? 25hours Hotel Langstrasse should be your first and last choice! Located in Aussersihl district in Zürich, the 25hours Hotel offers visitors with air-conditioned rooms, private bathrooms, and free Wi-Fi. The hotel resides at a location that makes visitor’s mobility in the city more convenient as it is located at a distance of just 8 kilometres from the Zurich Airport and a distance of just 1km from the must-visit Swiss National Museum. So next time you feel the need to enjoy the nightlife of the city in low budget, 25hours Hotel Langstrasse may turn out to be the most feasible accommodation option.

Zurich Youth Hostel

Desirous of a youthful accommodation experience in the city? Consider staying at the Zurich Youth Hostel! The hotel’s location would allow you to move about in the city hassle-free as the hotel stands near the lake shore, the Rote Fabrik cultural centre, the Landiwiesepark, and Mythenenquai. These readily available transportation links would help you explore the real beauty of the city at negligible prices.

easyHotel Zürich

Located close to the Zurich Main Station, easyHotel Zürich can be the right choice for accommodation services. The hotel allows the visitors to move about in the city conveniently- on foot or by public transport – owing to its a location near the central station of the town. Here, you can find accommodation services that entail modern infrastructure, free Wi-Fi and private bathrooms and enjoy a sumptuous continental breakfast in exchange for a surcharge.

Holiday Inn Express

The leisure and the business visitors visiting the city may find Holiday Inn Express to be the best accommodation option in the city. The hotel offers relatively higher convenience in moving about in the town as it is located in the middle between Zurich and Zug. The Zurich International Airport is just at a 30-minute drive and entrance into the highway is only a two-minute drive. The hotel serves its customers with individually adjustable indoor climate, a seamless internet connection along with free breakfast-buffet and bar.

Hotel Welcome Inn

Worried about leaving your pet behind when travelling to Zurich? Choose Hotel Welcome Inn. Interestingly, the hotel offers accommodation services for your pets too! So next time you plan your trip to the city, you can choose to take your pets along. The Hotel Welcome Inn warmly welcomes and serves its customers with non-smoking rooms, indoor & outdoor parking, and a seamless internet connection and restaurant services. The hotel lies at a strategic location of the city where the Zurich Airport is at a 5-minute distance, and the Zurich City is at a 15-minute distance by shuttle bus. The hotel has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of families and business class visitors. The hotel also offers free Wi-Fi, mineral water, parking and the gym/fitness room.

Hotel Allegro

Planning a seminar, course, an event or sports vacation in Zurich? Give Hotel Allegro a thought. Located between the monastery village of Einsiedeln and Lake Sihl, Hotel Allegro, it offers a wide range of accommodation services ranging from the light-flooded superior rooms to Pilgrim rooms to JBZ group houses. The visitors can choose any of these accommodation packages depending on their stay.

Josephine’s Guesthouse

Looking for all-woman-accommodation in the city? Choose Josephine’s Guesthouse! The guesthouse products and services have been customised to serve the women who visit the city. The guesthouse offers private bathrooms, shared living rooms, private kitchen for the visitors wishful of cooking their food, luggage storage and laundry room. With panoramic views, the premises of the guesthouse are a feast for the nature lovers. So, if you’re a woman looking for a family-oriented accommodation, Josephine’s Guesthouse should be the right option!

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